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Download Dirt for Free!

The Lord gave me these songs to give to you, so NO money is needed. I pray these songs comfort you, give you strength and encouragement. Their message is designed to show you God's love, His sacrifice, mercy and grace. If you are a Christian, His hope is that you pick up your cross and get into the battle. If you're not a Christian, meaning you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you did not stumble on this site by accident. God is speaking to you; you just need to stop and listen. Special Note: When you download the entire album, the artwork can download and throw the song sequence off. When downloading to a thumb drive, don't save the artwork, copy just the songs over to the drive. On your phone downloads you might have to erase the artwork to get your sequence back in order. The song "Amazing" should be the first song on the album. Enjoy! 

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