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Here are a few testimonies about Dirt. Let us know your thoughts and what the songs or a particular song means to you. You can include a picture or even a video if you want to share with others.

Hey brother, I finally got by Division yesterday and picked up the CDs. …INCREDIBLE! Awesome writing, awesome vocals, awesome music! Some serious talent ministering on this thing. I love them all but I can’t stop playing Bare Bones and Dirt.  Thanks for thinking of me and sharing these. I know a dear brother that I’m going to give one to that I truly believe God is going to use to encourage.  Larry Shorter
Praise God. God has really gifted your writing, singing and composing. Steve Lambert
I listened to it this morning before class. I broke down (maybe kinda did) hearing your voice singing the most beautiful word - "Amazing"   Denise Cable
OMG!!!! I love your CD. It is wonderful. Thank you for creating this beautiful music and thank you for sharing it with me. Ms. Brna was thrilled. She could hardly wait to get home and listen to it. I explained Amazing to her and filled her in on some of the stories. I know she will enjoy it. She said to tell you thank you from the bottom of her heart. Tammy Fowler
Thank you, Thank you , Thank you for the CD! Of course the most difficult part was finding a CD player, lol!!! Seriously, the music is amazing! I have not yet decided my favorite, love them all. God has blessed you with powerful words of praise for our Father. Take care and hope to see you one of these days. In God’s Love & Peace, Rhonda Altman
Your cd is awesome!  Thank you so much.  It was really wonderful to see you. Congratulations on an amazing job and thanks again! Marilyn Allen
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